Our Polishing Facilities

Situated in the North of England we are in a ideal location to supply metal polishing services and pre-polished metals to anywhere in the UK. Our state of the art facility is fully equipped with all the latest polishing equipment and highly trained staff. For additional information or if you would like to visit our site to discus your requirements in person, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01977 600999.

Our state of the art, purpose built warehouse is equipped with machines for any finish polishing and any sections, parts including:

  • Flatbed polishing: Facilities are 3 grinding masters with a maximum capacity of 300mm x 900mm wide. Ideal for sections, box section (up to 300 x 300!), flat products, laser profiles etc.
  • Tube polishing: Facilities are Polishing centreless grinder polishing up to 300mm diameter to any finish bright or satin with no length restrictions.
  • Bent tube polishing: Up to 114mm outside diameter ideal for balustrades and formed parts. No lengths restrictions any finish offered bright or satin.
  • Flexible shaft polishing: We boast 3 flexible shaft polishing machines for all our hand finishing work and components. These are very good for our bright and specials finishes and any shaped objects used by our experienced polishers.