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  • Stainless steel plates for staircase

    Stainless Steel plates for staircase (Added 3/03/16 )

    Stainless steel plates polished to a 800 grit finish for a prestigious staircase. The picture does not do the quality of the finish justice, the end result was fantastic.

  • Polished brass Ktkats ready for gold plating

    Brass kitkats (Added 3/03/16 )

    Kitkats! We have polished many weird and wonderful things over the years but brass Kitkats is a new one. These were prepared for gold plating by removing the machining marks and bright polishing. The image below shows the brass kitkats ready…more

  • Polished Stainless Steel Bollards

    Satin Polished Stainless Steel Bollards (Added 3/03/16 )

    A batch of stainless steel bollard satin polished from start to finish. This involved polishing the base plate and tubular parts prior to fabrication then polishing and cleaning up after welding.

  • Polished aluminium trophy

    Bright polish of water jet cut aluminium profiles (Added 13/10/15 )

    Another interesting projects through the door. At Yorkshire Polishing we take a broad range of work and carry out some intriguing projects. Here is an example of one we carried out last month. Intricately water jet cut aluminium profiles which…more

  • Satin polished stainless tube video

    Satin polishing of 10″ stainless tube (video) (Added 13/10/15 )

    Two videos of one of our polishing buffs performing a satin polish on a 10″ (OD) stainless steel tube.

  • Exhaust - before and after

    Hand Polished Truck Exhaust (Added 3/09/15 )

    We received a dull polished exhaust which required a super bright polish for a show truck. Our polishers skilfully hand polished the exhaust, removing all existing grain bringing the piece up to a showroom finish.